Eleven specific tasks for State Treasury in 2022


VCN – The State Treasury has just issued a plan to implement key tasks in 2022, with 11 specific tasks.

Officers of Moc Chau State Treasury at work. Photo: Thuy Linh
Officers of Moc Chau State Treasury at work. Photo: Thuy Linh

Strengthen discipline

This plan aims to develop an Action Program to realize the State Treasury Development Strategy for the 2021 – 2030 period; continue to strengthen discipline, uphold the responsibilities of the heads; accelerate IT application towards initial digital transformation in some operations and internal administration; further streamline the organizational structure and improve the service quality of the whole system.

Accordingly, the State Treasury continues to enhance financial discipline; restructure the State budget; strengthen public debt management and strictly manage state budget revenues and expenditures.

The State Treasury shall manage the State budget fund closely and safely, uphold the role and responsibility of the State Treasury in performing financial – budgetary tasks, and strengthen public spending management.

Moreover, the State Treasury shall focus on implementing the task of mobilizing capital for the state budget and for development investment; organize accounting and payment work, provide complete, timely and accurate information and reports; make state budget reports and state financial statements.

In addition, the State Treasury shall develop an Action Program to realize the State Treasury Development Strategy for the 2021-2030 period, as a foundation for the formation of the Digital Treasury by 2030.

In particular, the State Treasury sets a key task in 2022, which is to accelerate administrative reform throughout the system; set up salary payment function through online public services; continue to survey and evaluate the level of satisfaction of individuals and organizations with the service quality of each State Treasury unit; and continue to carry out the risk warning program in budget spending control.

At the same time, the State Treasury shall announce, update and post administrative procedures in the treasury field; strengthen guidance, explanations and provide information on administrative procedures for individuals and organizations who work with the State Treasury to ensure smooth implementation.

Another very important task that the State Treasury will continue to perform in 2022 is to ensure the security and safety of money and properties allocated by the State.

Furthermore, the State Treasury in 2022 will continue to perform a series of other key tasks: structure arrangement, staff management and human resource training and development; management of finance, assets and inner capital construction in an efficient manner; and performing assigned professional and political tasks; improving the quality of specialized inspection, internal inspection and citizen reception; handling written complaints and denunciations; accelerating the application of information technology in professional activities and internal management; effectively carrying out international cooperation and information dissemination; taking the initiative in the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic; managing the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund in accordance with regulations in a safe, public and transparent manner.

Upholding responsibilities of the heads

To achieve the tasks set out, the General Director of the State Treasury asks the State Treasury leadership team to base on the solutions and tasks assigned by the Ministry of Finance and this plan to actively guide their units to perform the assigned tasks; actively combine and inspect the task performance at the State Treasury units on business trips to localities.

At the same time, the head of the State Treasury also requests the heads of the units under the State Treasury agency and the subordinate State Treasury units to stick to the objectives and tasks assigned in the plan and strictly implement tasks and ensure the schedule and the highest results.

Subsidiaries and affiliated units are required to continue to concretize the tasks in the plan into monthly and quarterly work programs of their units, which clearly define the work content and deadline for each assigned task.

State treasury investment in safe and effective manner State treasury investment in safe and effective manner

In addition, during implementation, if there are new tasks that require coordination with relevant units, heads of units will proactively report to leaders of the State Treasury to propose solutions.

By Thuy Linh/ Huyen Trang


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