Hi tech Park Customs Branch supports major enterprises in HCM city


VCN – To perform customs control for enterprises engaged in investment, production and processing activities in the Hi-Tech Park in HCM City, the Hi-tech Park Customs Branch under HCM City Customs Department has actively supported major enterprises.

Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park hopes for new wave of investmentHoa Lac Hi-Tech Park hopes for new wave of investment
Hi-tech Park Customs Branch supports major enterprises in HCM city
The Hi-Tech Park Customs Branch pioneered the program titled “Breakfast coffee with businesses” to instruct procedures for businesses. Photo: T.H

As a customs branch performing customs control for enterprises investing, producing and processing in the Hi-Tech Park, bonded warehouses, Off-Airport Cargo Terminal, the Hi-tech Park Customs Branch has managed and processed procedures for about 50 import and export enterprises in the area.

These enterprises are authorized economic operators, export processing enterprises and enterprises investing in high-tech research.

The goods volume of authorized economic operators that have customs procedures processed by the branch accounts for over 90% of the number of imports and exports. Thus, the branch determines that it will create the most favorable condition for these operators.

According to the manager of the local branch Vu Viet Chau, the complicated development of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021 affected the import and export operations and the production of enterprises. The branch provided solutions to both meet requirements on pandemic prevention and control while maintaining the stability of customs control.

During the peak period of social distancing in HCM City, the branch has effectively executed programs to support businesses under the centralized management method; implemented the National Single Window and ASEAN Single Window; improved the efficiency of specialized inspections to facilitate the operation of enterprises in the city, contributing to ensuring smooth customs clearance.

Amid the peak of the pandemic in July in the city, the operation of more than half of enterprises (85 enterprises) with about 25,000 employees in the HCM City Hi-Tech Park was maintained. Despite the difficulties in movement and limitation of the number of workers, the branch arranged officers to perform under the “three-on-the-spot” model and work online to support operators in customs procedures.

Hi-tech Park Customs Branch supports major enterprises in HCM city
The leaders of HCM City Customs Department and the Hi-tech Park Customs Branch give gifts to officers working during the peak of the pandemic. Photo: HQ

As a major exporter in the HCM City Hi-Tech Park, Head of external affairs for Intel Products Vietnam said the company has made great efforts to maintain its operation and import and export turnover. The company’s export turnover always accounts for more than 60% of the total export turnover of the Hi-Tech Park and about 30% of HCM City. The company has been supported by the HCM City Customs Department and the local customs branch to achieve the results.

After the city entered the “new normal status”, businesses in the HCM City Hi-Tech Park restored production and strived to complete the year’s plan. In 2021, the production value of high-tech products of HCM City Hi-Tech Park was estimated at US$22.5 billion; export value reached US$97.704 billion and import value reached US$89.72 billion. This achievement results from the great support of officers of the Hi-Tech Park Customs Branch.

As of December 31, 2021, the number of declarations of imports and exports processed by the branch increased 18.3% to 421,343 declarations. The total import and export turnover rose 4.22% to over US$40.71 billion compared with the previous year. The branch collected VND3,131billion, reaching 111.84% of the target.

Currently, 166 projects of the HCM City Hi-Tech Park have been granted investment registration certificates with total capital equivalent to US$8.7 billion, including 112 projects invested by domestic investors with capital of US$2.06 billion, and 54 foreign-invested projects with investment capital of US$6.64 billion.

In the 2021-2025 period, HCM City Hi-Tech Park is expected to attract a total investment of about US$3 billion with more than 50 high-tech projects. The park is the major contributor to the city’s export turnover. By 2025, it strives to reach US$30 billion of export value and over 35% of domestic value-added in exports.

To meet the requirements of customs management before the development and investment expansion of enterprises, the High-Tech Park Customs Branch will continue to modernize and apply information technology in professional operations and execute solutions to support and facilitate import-export activities, bringing the city’s export turnover to surpass the target of US$50 billion.

By Le Thu/ Ngoc Loan


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