Binh Duong Exports have many positive signs


Enterprises make efforts to overcome difficulties to stabilize production and export activities. Photo TL
Enterprises make efforts to overcome difficulties to stabilize production and export activities. Photo TL

Positive signal

Looking back at 2022, when the issue of inflation, commodity price fluctuations, and signs of recession through a number of economic indicators in many markets have greatly affected the import-export activities of domestic enterprises.

Especially in the last months of the year, import-export enterprises in general and enterprises in Binh Duong province in particular faced difficulties when export orders dropped sharply.

However, with efforts to overcome difficulties, in 2022, Binh Duong’s import-export turnover will reach US $ 61.5 billion, of which the trade surplus will be about US $ 9.1 billion. This figure has contributed to the trade balance, bringing high surplus value to the whole country.

Having a trade surplus in a difficult period is attributed to the careful preparation and implementation of commitments to export goods in the Vietnam – European Union Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) that is increasingly strict.

Ms. Dinh Thi Kim Nhung, Director of Duc Kim Tinh Mechanical Company (Di An, Binh Duong), said that the company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of components for machinery and equipment to supply businesses in Vietnam and export.

In the past three years, the pandemic has greatly affected production and business activities, in order to ensure revenue, in addition to constantly looking for more domestic partners, enterprises also opened more export markets, ensuring jobs for employees and keeping the growth rate high.

It is notable that, in 2022, Duc Kim Tinh Mechanical has domestic and export orders reaching the set plan. That is the motivation for the company to make more efforts in 2023.

Accordingly, the company focuses on exploiting the domestic market well, and at the same time promotes diversification of markets, products, and supply chains; continues to connect supply and demand, and expand export markets.

Entering 2023, although there are difficulties, the export situation of Binh Duong recorded positive signals. According to the statistics of Binh Duong Statistics Department, the trade balance of goods in January 2023 of the province is estimated to have a trade surplus of US $ 768 million, of which, the economic sector with domestic investment has a trade surplus of US $ 219 million, and the regional trade surplus is US $219 million. economy with foreign direct investment capital has a trade surplus of US $ 549 million.

Unleash your inner strength

As noted, at ASG Vina Company (Thuan An, Binh Duong), the company has received orders until mid-2023. Currently, ASG Vina continues to announce the recruitment of 100 more garment workers, to ensure the production plan is on schedule.

Mr Kim Jeong Won, General Director of KyungBang Vietnam Company (Bau Bang Industrial Park), said that as a key yarn factory of many major partners, despite the difficult economic situation, the company maintains production of 100 – 200 tons of yarn per day, orders have been received until the second quarter of 2023.

Currently, the partners are negotiating prices for the next orders in 2023. All are creating favorable conditions for the company to complete its goals in the year.

However, according to the majority of enterprises, the situation of import-export activities of enterprises is very difficult.

Mr. Pham Van Xo, Chairman of Binh Duong Import-Export Association, said that it is forecast that this year businesses will face many difficulties due to the decreasing demand of foreign markets. The situation may last until the end of the second quarter of 2023. In this context, all businesses must mobilize themselves more strongly, find all ways as well as find their own direction to stabilize production and maintain export markets.

“Restructuring costs and revenue, investing heavily in technology to reduce manpower. In addition, the sharing between manufacturers, consumers and trading parties in order to reduce sales but retain the number of customers and orders, are solutions to help businesses overcome difficulties in difficult situations as it is now,” added Mr. Pham Van Xo.


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