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A scene of the Business Dialogue Conference 2022 held by the Bac Ninh Customs Department on March 11. Photo: Quang Hùng
A scene of the Business Dialogue Conference 2022 held by the Bac Ninh Customs Department on March 11. Photo: Quang Hùng

Support enterprise to carry out procedures 24/7

In 2021, import – export turnover in the whole area managed by Bac Ninh Customs Department witnessed an outstanding development and achieved US$161.6 billion. In particular, export turnover reached US$90.4 billion and import turnover reached US$71.2 billion.

This was the first time Bac Ninh Customs Department took lead in the country in terms of import – export turnover of goods implementing customs procedures. Along with that, revenue collection of this unit also reached VND11,825 billion, exceeding 26% compared to the assigned target (VND9,390 billion).

According to the statistics, there were 5,967 enterprises in import – export carrying out procedures in the area. In particular, 286 export processing enterprises, 422 outsourcing enterprises, 211 export production enterprises, and 104 enterprises operating export processing and production.

Regarding FDI attraction (as of December 31, 2021), there are 162 newly licensed FDI projects in the areas managed by the Bac Ninh Customs Department; 156 projects adjusted in scale, with a registered capital of US$2.98 billion, accounting for 12.2% of the total investment of the country.

According to the Bac Ninh Customs Department, under the close direction of the Government, the Provincial Party Committee, the People’s Committees of the provinces: Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, Thai Nguyen, the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Vietnam Customs, the unit has always adhered to the spirit “Business community and Bac Ninh Customs Department are reliable partners, accompanying development” in order to promote innovation, the application of advanced science and technology, and make effective use of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to implement tasks and solutions to improve the business environment and enhance national competitiveness.

From the cooperation and companionship activities between Bac Ninh Customs and the business community, important results have been achieved, creating a premise for the two parties to exchange and deal with problems.

Many problems have been discussed, exchanged, answered, synthesized and disseminated by Bac Ninh Customs to the business community, thereby promoting the self-discipline of enterprises to comply with the law.

Director of Bac Ninh Customs Department Tran Duc Hung said that, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, Customs authorities have implemented many effective solutions to support production and business activities of enterprises related to import and export activities. In particular, the unit actively and flexibly proposed to build and deploy groups of solutions to organize and operate, arrange human resources to ensure cargo clearance, etc.

Many solutions that were deployed by Bac Ninh Customs Department have been replicated in other localities, including solutions to support businesses to carry out procedures 24/7.

Continue to accompany enterprises

The Business Dialogue Conference 2022 (held by Bac Ninh Customs Department in coordination with Saigon Newport Corporation on March 11), attracting the attention of more than 600 delegates, demonstrated the interest of the business community, as well as the responsibility of Bac Ninh Customs Department in facilitating import-export activities.

According to Mr. Tran Duc Hung, in 2021, the organization of a business dialogue conference was not possible due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, in 2022, Bac Ninh Customs has made innovations in organizing dialogues and conferences. That is, the unit has coordinated with Saigon Newport Corporation to support and help the business community to have more solutions for transportation and logistics. In addition, the unit invited leading customs experts from the Import-Export Duty Department, Customs Control and Supervision Department, Legal Department (General Department of Vietnam Customs) to disseminate policy information, new legislation to the business community, as well as direct answers to problems. These are considered the final answers from the General Department of Vietnam Customs on issues related to customs procedures and operations.

In addition, the conference was also attended by leaders of Bac Ninh Customs Department, as well as key leaders of 11 units, with the desire to listen directly to the concerns and problems of the business community, thereby offering appropriate solutions, more reforms, and better serving the business community.

Director of Bac Ninh Customs Department Tran Duc Hung also frankly acknowledged that there was still a gap between the proposed contents, as well as solving problems between Customs authorities and enterprises.

Therefore, the leader of the unit is committed to comprehensively receiving the content that businesses still have problems with to continue to exchange and answer via the phone number posted on the website of the Bac Ninh Customs Department ( The unit is ready to receive all information 24/7 when businesses have requests and recommendations to contribute to improving management efficiency at the unit, facilitating import-export activities.

“The business community always believes in the Customs authorities, especially Bac Ninh Customs Department, which is always ready to accompany the business community in the future,” Tran Duc Hung said.


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