Actively resuming agricultural exports


VCN – Customs has provided many solutions to boost the production, circulation, consumption and export of goods amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Officers of Thanh Thuy International Border Gate inspect imports and exports. Photo: Thanh Thuy.

Providing solutions to facilitate customs clearance

Currently, the Customs branch at Thanh Thuy International Border Gate has actively coordinated with the Management Board of Ha Giang Economic Zone to resume agricultural exports after the Chinese side refused to receive Vietnamese exports. The delay started from October 28, 2021 due to new Covid-19 infection in Ha Giang province.

According to Deputy Manager of Thanh Thuy International Border Gate Customs Branche Vi Quoc Thang, the branch has collaborated with competent forces at the border gate to inform importers and exporters to implement procedures at other border gates.

The branch has proposed Management Board of Ha Giang Economic Zone to send an official letter to the Management Board of the Malypho Border Economic Cooperation Zone, Chau Van Son, Yunnan Province, China to promote imports and exports at the border gates of the two sides, and promptly remove obstacles to ensure Covid-19 prevention and control.

The official letter stated that from October 28, the number of means of transport exiting across Thanh Thuy-Thien Bao Border Gate has changed abnormally. The Chinese vehicles have returned from the Chinese border gate to the inland area and Vietnamese vehicles have returned to the country’s inland area.

From October 31, there have no means of exit and entry. Due to an urgent change without prior notice, there was inventory at the warehouses at Thanh Thuy International Border Gate. The Management Board of Ha Giang Economic Zone asked the Chinese side to coordinate in customs clearance for the inventory of goods to remove difficulties for businesses.

Deputy Manager Vi Quoc Thang said that the branch’s leader called for Chinese Customs to remove obstacles for exports.

To expedite the goods flow at the border gate, the Management Board asked the local government to propose the Chinese authority to hold an online seminar to remove difficulties imports and exports across Thanh Thuy-Thien Bao International Border Gate pair.

Clearing goods the same day for agricultural products

Customs has facilitated and carried out customs clearance the same day for exported agricultural products across the border gate; immediately solve problems arising in customs procedures for exports; closely coordinate and regularly exchange information with the quarantine agency to quickly implement procedures for businesses. Customs has not changed the channel for agricultural products that are not required except for cases with suspicious signs.

The country’s customs authority has assigned officers to perform customs clearance and supervise the exported agricultural products outside working hours, weekends and holidays; given priority for vehicles that have completed procedures.

The authority has coordinated with warehouse, port and yard operators at the border gate to create favorable conditions for agricultural products to be stored and preserved while waiting for export.

Customs has also worked with the Border Guard and Police to regulate vehicles to prevent congestion and ensure security and order; regularly exchanged and updated customs procedures and goods policies of the importing country and disseminated information to businesses; regularly supervised and resolved problems, and strictly handled officers who caused trouble for enterprises.

Customs of Lang Son and Quang Ninh provinces have sent an official letter to Nam Ninh Customs to notify them on Vietnam’s management measures to prevent the disease and proposed the Chinese Customs create the most favorable conditions for Vietnamese goods imported to China, especially agricultural and aquatic products under the signed cooperation agreements between the two sides, and asked Chinese Customs to reduce customs clearance time, and resolve customs procedures to quickly remove bottlenecks for Vietnamese exports.

To facilitate trade amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Director General of the General Department of Vietnam Customs has sent an official letter to the Director General of China Customs. Accordingly, Vietnam Customs has notified China Customs on measures to strictly control and prevent the spread of the pandemic.

In addition, Vietnam Customs proposed that the two sides continue to strengthen cooperation and exchange of information on shipments, and notification on changes in tax policy, product policy, and expedite work on anti-smuggling and trade fraud.

Vietnam Customs also suggested that Chinese Customs create favorable conditions for the country’s agricultural products to be imported into the Chinese market, facilitate customs procedures, and ask the Chinese side to soon give its opinion on the signing of the Agreement on Mutual Administrative Assistance and Cooperation in Customs Matters at the Government level to replace the Agreement on customs cooperation between the two parties signed in 1993.

By Ngoc Linh/Ngoc Loan


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