About 9 000 Chinese trucks imported Lao Cai in one month


VCN – After China eased import and export activities across border gate pairs of Ha Khau (China)-Kim Thanh (Lao Cai), the number of trucks entering Lao Cai surged.

About 9,000 Chinese trucks imported Lao Cai in one month
Trucks carrying goods across International Border Gate No.II Kim Thanh, Lao Cai. Photo: Thai Binh

According to Lao Cai Customs Department, the number of trucks on exit and entry increased by 5,882 to 10,640 vehicles compared with the previous year, including 8,784 Chinese trucks and 1,856 Vietnamese trucks.

As of August 15, 36,670 Chinese vehicles and 10,346 Vietnamese vehicles were on exit and entry.

The trucks were mainly across Ha Khau- Kim Thanh Border Gates to transport goods.

From the end of June, as China has resumed import and export activities, the number of vehicles across the border gates has soared.

However, many Chinese drivers have been infected with Covid-19, so the import and export across the border gates has been delayed due to the lack of drivers.

In August, the total trade in goods declined by 14.7% compared with the previous month. Of which, the export turnover fell by 33.8% to US$55.9 billion because the export turnover of phosphorus decreased 24.2% to US$53.5 million compared with the previous year.

The import turnover in August grew by 12.4% compared with July due to the increase in the import of items such as plastic, plastic products; iron and steel and iron and steel products, machinery and mechanical equipment.

As of August 15, the number of enterprises carrying out customs procedures at the local department decreased by nine enterprises to 529 enterprises compared with the same period of last year. The number of declarations went down by 20,486 to 18,340 declarations compared with the previous year.

Total import and export turnover went down by 15% year-on-year to US$974.6 million. Of which, export turnover and import turnover decreased by 15.5% and 14.1% to US$606.2 million and VND368.4, respectively.

Export items were mainly yellow phosphorus, cassava. The imports were fertilizers, chemicals, coke, electricity.

By Thai Binh/Ngoc Loan


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