2nd Zone Hai Phong Seaport Customs Branch supports enterprises


VCN – To concretize the Customs-Business partnership development program, the 2nd Zone Hai Phong Seaport Customs Branch has met and captured the business community’s thoughts to provide effective support solutions.

2nd Zone Hai Phong Seaport Customs Branch strives to hit goal of VND5,500 billion2nd Zone Hai Phong Seaport Customs Branch strives to hit goal of VND5,500 billion
Businesses encouraged to pay Hai Phong seaport fees via 24/7 systemBusinesses encouraged to pay Hai Phong seaport fees via 24/7 system
2nd Zone Hai Phong Seaport Customs Branch supports enterprises
Officers of 2nd Zone Hai Phong Seaport Customs Branch at work. Photo: T.B

Manager of 2nd Zone Hai Phong Seaport Customs Branch Nguyen Thi Thu Hien said the branch manages the area, including many Container Freight Stations (CFS), and diverse goods related to laws and regulations.

Therefore, to instruct enterprises in complying with customs regulations and policies, the branch has actively classified enterprises into small groups under regimes and classified imports and exports, meeting and effectively consulting the enterprises. These are also specific solutions that the branch has provided to implement the Customs-Business Partnership Development Program.

“The goal is to promptly grasp difficulties and problems and instruct enterprises to understand and comply with regulations for quick customs clearance,” said Hien.

The Import and Export Cargo Customs Procedures Team representative said that some enterprises have not yet grasped customs regulations and policies, leading to difficulties and problems in customs process, affecting customs clearance time or failing to comply with the customs regulations.

The team has implemented ideal solutions to effectively develop the Customs-Business partnership, remove obstacles in the customs process, and create conditions for enterprises to understand and comply with the law.

The team has arranged the working group for the development of Customs-Business as the core team in performing this work. The working group includes 10 officers.

Every day, the working group reviews the list of enterprises that have imported and exported goods across Hai Phong port but have not yet registered their declarations at customs branches under the Hai Phong Customs Department. If the enterprises face problems in the customs process, the working group will support and facilitate them in carrying out procedures.

In addition, the working group assigns tasks to each member to regularly contact and discuss with importers, exporters and service providers to grasp the problem and support them. The group instructs new legal documents related to customs areas for the enterprises to understand and abide by the regulations.

This activity helps businesses to better comply with the law and feel more secure when carrying out procedures at Hai Phong Customs Department.

On the other hand, the working group regularly reviews enterprises that carry out procedures at the branch but has not yet signed an agreement on developing the Customs-Business partnership to sign promptly.

Notably, the working group has a core member as the team leader, so it regularly organizes training courses for officers, especially new matters and problems, to help officers improve their qualifications and reduce customs clearance time.

Motivated by the support of the business community by Hai Phong Seaport Customs Branch, the number of businesses, declarations, and turnover at the branch saw remarkable growth.

As of October 18, the number of declarations and the import and export turnover at the branch increased 37% and 48% year-on-year to about 72,000 declarations and US$4.3 billion, respectively.

Thanks to the effective implementation of the Customs-Business Partnership Program, the branch has performed revenue collection well. As a result, by the end of October 2022, the branch has completed its annual revenue target of VND 5,900 billion.

By Thai Binh/Ngoc Loan


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